Extended Licensing | SVG Bliss™

Extended Licensing is available at the sole discretion of Sabrina Schleiger Design,LLC/SVG Bliss.

Copyright for all designs and fonts are retained by Sabrina Schleiger Design,LLC /SVG Bliss.

Memberships  (COMING SOON)

SVG Bliss offers special discounted pricing to our Embroidery Licensee and Sublimation/Screen Print Transfer Licensee members.  These members have been vetted and verified and have a working relationship with Sabrina Schleiger Design,LLC/SVG Bliss.

To be granted access to the membership area and discounted pricing, you must have a reputable business on a sales platform such as Etsy or stand alone website. 

If you are an embroidery digitizer or printed transfer seller, please contact me to inquire about membership.



An embroidery digitizing license must be purchased in order to digitize a design or font by Sabrina Schleiger Design,LLC. 
The embroidery digitizing license is a *non-exclusive, *one-user license (unless otherwise arranged) that grants the licensee permission to digitize the font or design and resell in embroidery formats in the licensee's Etsy shop or stand-alone website.  The designs or fonts may not be sold on digital marketplace sites such as Creative Market, DesignBundles/FontBundles, The Hungry Jpeg, SoFontsy (or any others).
You must own and operate the equipment and software needed in order to digitize and test embroidery fonts and designs. Outsourcing digitizing to a 3rd party (such as Fiverr) is not permitted.
Digitized fonts must keep their original name and cannot be renamed. Only the "SS" prefix may be removed from the font name.
Digitizing licenses are only available for select designs due to current commercial licensing agreements with our small business customers.


Sublimation/Screen Print Transfer Licensing:  (COMING SOON)

A Sublimation/Screen Print Transfer License must be purchased in order to print and sell SVG Bliss designs as transfers.

The Sublimation/Screen Print Transfer License is a *non-exclusive, *one-user license (unless otherwise arranged) to print a design to be sold as a transfer to be applied by your customer to apparel, mugs, or other products.

You must own and operate the equipment to manufacture transfers, or have transfers printed by a printing service approved by Sabrina Schleiger Design,LLC/SVG Bliss.

Only select designs are available for sublimation/screen print transfer licensing due to commercial licensing agreements with our small business customers.


*Non-exclusive means that the license is not exclusive to you, and licensing will be sold to other embroidery digitizers or transfer sellers.  

*One-user licensing means that your license only covers you, even if your business is a partnership or has employees.  Your business partner or employees are not licensed to use/sell the design should they decide to open their own businesses.