Font Installation

Font Installation Instructions

Step 1: Unzip

Unzip the zipped folder you downloaded.  Double-clicking on a zipped folder will open it up on most computers.  If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you may need a 3rd party app to unzip files.

Step 2: Install

Note: True Type (ttf) and Open Type (otf) font files are included.  Unless you are using a program that will only accept True Type files, I recommend installing the Open Type font file.

Windows Computers- right-click the font file and click "install."

**Make sure the font is "installed for all users" so the font will be available to use in programs like Cricut, Silhouettte and Inkscape.

Mac Computers- right-click the font file, click open with FontBook and install.

Mobile Devices- Because technology is ever-changing with new upgrades and new apps, please find installation instructions for mobile devices here.


3. Using the Font in Cricut, Silhouette & Other Programs:

Once the font is installed it will become available to use in Cricut, Silhouette and many other programs. There is no need to upload the font as you would with an SVG file.  

Please keep in mind that my fonts include the "SS" prefix, so when searching for my fonts in alphabetical order, you will need to look in S rather than by the first letter of the font's name. 

I attach a prefix to my font names for a few reasons:

• Branding/identity- How many fonts do you know and recognize, but you can't remember who made the font?  

• Easier font organization- If you have more than one of my fonts installed, the SS prefix makes all of my fonts sit next to each other in your font menu. This is helpful when you are wanting to use fonts that coordinate well together because they were made by the same hand.  Instead of the fonts being scattered throughout your font menu, and some likely forgotten about, you can easily find all of my fonts you have installed by scrolling to the S section, or searching "ss" in your toolbar.

• Avoid duplicate name issues- Though I always search first to make sure a font name is not already taken by another font designer, some designers might not, or it is possible that another designer's font didn't come up in my search.  Adding a prefix to my fonts ensures that your computer will not have an issue installing two fonts with the same name.